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Thekkady in Kerala is one of the most wanted after Tourist Place. Thekkady is situated in the Iddukki district of South Indian state, Kerala. The scenery is conquered by the wildlife sanctuary, short mendacious hills and plantation lands. The nature has a excellent seize on the lands in Thekkady. The wildlife sanctuary that lies extensive here is one of the biggest in India. The boat safari on the Periyar lake expose one to the realm of natures and give a chance to spot the wildlife in its usual environment. For a clean and green place there is Thekkady. 

                                           Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary: The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, extend above 777 square kilometres is a extremely well-known wildlife preserve and one of the biggest in India. Periyar Lake, an reproduction lake, is the cynosure at the preserve. The core areas of the park constitute a national park. The sanctuary chains great a lot of variety of woodland, aquatic and arboreal animals. The sanctuary is conquered by dense forests, open fields at many places and waterways. The fauna support by the park include elephants, tigers, leopards, sambhar deer, wild boars, bears, wild dogs, bison, gaurs, flying squirrels, civets and snake species. 

Periyar Lake: Periyar Lake deceit within the refuge area. The boat cruise in the Periyar Lake is one thing you shouldn't miss at Thekkady. The boat cruises often have come across with elephant herds crossing the lake, gaurs, bison, wild boars and a lot of further kind.

Mullaperiyar Dam is a brickwork significance dam over River Periyar, with a height of 155 feet and length 1200 feet and is located 3900 feet. The name is derived from a portmanteau of Mullaiyar and Periyar. As the dam is situated at the flowing together of the Mullayar and Periyar Rivers, the river and the dam came to be called Mullaperiyar. The main attraction in thekkady is the boating on the lake to see around the lake and Mullai Periya Dam. The Mullaperiyar dam is create at the convergence of both the rivers Periyar and Mullaiyar to create the Periyar reservoir. From Periyar Thekkady reservoir, water is abstracted eastwards to Tamilnadu via a tunnel enabling the water to join the Vaigai River.  

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