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South India Tour Packages - Discover Chitharal

South India Tour Packages - Discover Chitharal

Start from Nagercoil and first stop is the Mathur hanging trough, the highest and longest in South Asia built over Pahrali River. From the Aqueduct, one can see a limitless terrain of greenery with Western Ghats in the background and river Pahreli flowing below. Next stop is the astounding Pechiparai dam built over the Kodayar river and surrounded by the hills of the Western Ghats. 

One day trip
Our next stop is the world famous Jain temple, located in the hillocks of Thirucharanam and situated on the banks of Thamraparni River. Chitharal is a rustic hamlet located 4 5 miles from Marthandam. The temple is situated atop a rugged hill and the ancient and historically significant place was much revered by Jains in days of yore. It was converted in to a Hindu temple in 1250 and an image of Bhagavathy was installed. Historical annals point to the fact that Jain abbots referred to as Charanas or Theerthankaras did meditation in the caves here. The rock carvings here are very Jainistic in character and throw light on the religious and historical history of the place. The name ‘Thirucharanam Malai” means holy hill of the Charanas which indicate that Charanas abounded this place years ago. It is said that the disciples of a Jain ascetic named Badrabahu reached here to spread Jainism during the time of Chandra Gupta Maurya. Jainism declined during the period of Chola dynasty in the 11th century. A mesmerizing view of Western Ghats can be had from the hill top. The enigmatic nature in and around the temple lends a mysterious and divine feel to the air. Back to the point of origin!

Package Includes                              
  • A/C Car Transfers
  • Daily Breakfast
  • Sightseeing as per the itinerary
  • All applicable taxes
Package Excludes  
  • Any Air/Train fares
  • Lunch and dinner at Hotel
  • Personal expenses
  • Portages
  • Tips 

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