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San Francisco Tour - Golden Gate Park

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San Francisco's biggest park, Golden Gate Park cover up above 1,013 acres and is 3 miles lengthy by 1/2-mile wide, larger than New York City's Central Park.Bigger in size than New York City's Central Park, Golden Gate Park is a place where 75,000 visitors come to daily. Once not anything other than sterile sand dune, Golden Gate Park owe its subsistence to obstinate Scotsman John McLaren, who created the landscape we see today in the late 1800s, a task lots of thinking not possible.
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Today, the park is home to two of the city's premiere museums, the De Young art museum and the California Academy of Sciences, the Japanese Tea Garden, an outdoor botanical garden, the Greenhouse of Flowers, Many open gap and it still has its personal occupier buffalo herd. Take the photo tour to see more of its crest sight. 
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The 49 mile drive go by throughout Golden Gate Park and an simple way to perceive the top spot is to presently chase its signs show a white sea gull with an orange beak and "49 MILE" in blue. If you'd slightly walk than drive, try one of the guided Golden Gate Park walking tours, which include history tours, stroller tours, and tours of the Japanese Tea Garden. 
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The flourishing landscape that characterize the park today bears slight similarity to the previous state of traveling sand and stiff wind. An entirely fresh environmental scheme had to be developed and sustained within the dunes; a monumental task thought by many to be unfeasible.
However the park has see change more the years, what remainder today is a evidence to the will of the city to conserve a place to play, relax and grow culturally. 
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The new de Young museum is sure to bring a new flourish of visitors, as the re-opening of the greenhouse of Flowers did in 2003.This 1017 acre park is home to the M.H. De Young Museum, Japanese Tea Garden, Sculpture Museum, Botanical Gardens and some friendly bison.  The main principle of this stop is to visit the famed Japanese Tea Garden where you will have 25 minutes to walk about and catch pictures.

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