Monday, 26 December 2011

Flights - Kingfisher airlines

kingfisher airlines
Kingfisher airlines could cut up tp 200 fights this tourist season from the plan of 418 flights. Kingfisher airlines may make enormous disarray for air tourist by scrape flights throughout the crest tourist time. Scraping of flights will not only cause air travel chaos, but would increase the air fares and may affect domestic tourist season, especially to places like Goa. DGCA has called the CEO of Kingfisher airlines since TOI broke the story.
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On average Kingfisher airlines carry 800,000 to 900,000 passengers per month. This figure could reach 1 million during the peak tourist season. If Kingfisher scraps half of its flights, it could leave 500,000 passengers in lopp during the winter. Other domestic airlines may not be able to take the load of Kingfisher airlines. Another big issue is that other airlines have refused to carry Kingfisher passengers in case of flight cancellation due to no pay guarantee by the troubled airline.
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However this is not likely to stop Kingfisher from scraping the flights. Vijay Mallya has already said that why would his airline fly through the unprofitable routes. DGCA has asked the airports to provide list of free slots to other airlines so that the gap from Kingfisher cancellations could be filled.
Kingfisher has already cancelled over 160 flights in past few days. The cancellations have spurred the airfare across India. Vijay Mallya, the owner of the airline has asked for Rs. 400 crore loan from the SBI to keep afloat.

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