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A Basic Information to Mount Everest

A Basic Information to Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain on earth with a height of 8844.43 meters aloft the sea level. It is located at the boarder amid People's Republic of China and Nepal. In Tibetan, the mountain is alleged "Qomolangma". The word "Qomo" agency goddess and "Langma" agency the third one, for there are addition four mountains abreast Mount Everest and Mount Everest ranks the third. Covered with white snow all the year round, Mount Everest is the most impressive and attractive mountain in both China and the world.

Origin of Mount Everest

Origin of Mount Everest: In fact, mountains are not aloof big bags of dirt, they are fabricated of solid rock. The rocks that build up the Mount Everest utilize to be an olden sea floor. Over millions of years, rivers done rocks and clay from absolute abundance on the Indian subcontinent and near Asia into a bank sea breadth the debris was deposited on the floor. Band aloft band of debris congenital up over millions of years until the burden and weight of the above debris acquired the being way bottomward abysmal to about-face into rock. Then about 40 actor years ago, in a action alleged "uplifting", the sea attic began to be affected upward, appropriately basic abounding mountains including the Mount Everest. As the accomplished abundance in the world, Mount Everest attracts abounding well-experienced mountaineers as well as amateur climbers who are accommodating to pay abundant sums to able abundance guides to complete a victorious climb.

The First victorious of Mount Everest

The Aboriginal known Ascent of Mount Everest: In 1953, a ninth British expedition, led by John Hunt, alternate to Nepal. Hunt chosen two climb pairs to effort to ability the summit. The aboriginal brace (Tom Bourdillon and Charles Evans) came aural 100m (300 feet) of the acme on May 26th 1953, but went aback afterwards acceptable exhausted. As planned, their assignment in avenue award and breaking aisle and their catches of added oxygen were of abundant aid to the afterward pair. Two canicule later, the campaign fabricated its additional and final advance on the acme with its additional aggressive pair, the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, a Nepali sherpa climber. They accomplished the acme at 11:30 a.m. bounded time on May 29th 1953 via the South Col Route.

Flora and Fauna on Mount Everest
Flora and Fauna on Mount Everest: Euophrys omnisuperstes, a minute black jumping spider, has been begin at elevations as aerial as 6,700 meters (22,000 feet), possibly creation it the accomplished accepted non-microscopic abiding citizen on Earth. It lurks in crevices and may augment on arctic insects that accept been absolute there by the wind. It should be acclaimed that there is a aerial likelihood of diminutive activity at alike college altitudes. Birds, such as the Bar-headed Goose, accept been apparent aerial at the college altitudes of the mountain, while others, such as the Chough, accept been spotted as high as the South Col (7,920 meters) scavenging on food, or alike corpses, larboard by above-mentioned climb expeditions

Good Time for Mount Everest
Good Time for Mount Everest: The weather in Mount Everest region is variable. By and large, it is the raining time of this area from June to September. During this period, the able southeastern cloudburst leads to common rainstorms and hailstorms. From the boilerplate November to February in the additional year, afflicted by the angry northwest algid current, the temperature can abatement as low as -60℃ with the boilerplate temperature of -50℃ to -40℃ and a wind acceleration of 90 meters per second. Therefore, from March to May and from the aboriginal September to the backward October in every year is the best time for climb the peak because of the excellent weather.


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