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The highest peak of the Tianzi Mountains, China

On the top of the Tianzi mountain

Tianzi Mountain is naming afterwards Xiang Dakun who led the bounded farmers' defection and called himself Tianzi the Son of Heaven. Bounded by Suoxi Basin on the east, Zhangjiajie on the south, Sangzhi County on the north, Tianzi Mountain is one of the four breathtaking zones in Wulingyuan. It lies on the uppermost point of "Golden Triangle", its uppermost point actuality 1262.5m(Kunlun peak) and everyman point actuality 534m(Shilan valley). It has a breadth of 67 aboveboard kilometers, a touring band of 45 kilometers, an boilerplate temperature of 12oC, an anniversary avalanche of 1800 mm, a frost-free aeon of 240 canicule and a arctic aeon of 60-80 days.

Tianzi Mountain - highest point of Golden Triangle

Except a band of limestone and a few areolate stones at the peak, some hundred meters aloft sea level, the majority of breathtaking spots is formed of quart stones, acceptance to sandstone arena affection which is the aforementioned as Suoxiyu Basin and Zhangjiajie. The 500-meter or 600-meter blubbery quartzite sandstone has acquired from neptunic rocks that below from oceans 380,000,000 years ago and afterwards a complicated and continued action formed abnormally shaped spectacles. To sum up, the mural in Tianzi Mountain is accustomed and primeval. Every breathtaking atom is created by attributes and of no bogus trace. There are not alone earliest forests and admirable water but additionally apparent folkways, appropriate community and bounded specialities and delicacies apprehension tourists from home and abroad.
Tianzi Mountain - several peaks stand with different shapes and poses

No admiration people accomplish comments, like " people who accept climbed Tianzi Mountain will not ascend any added mountains" . Located in the west of Suoxiyu Valley, it is a basin-like landform with a accumulating of peaks and woods. In this "sea”, many peaks angle with altered shapes and poses, covered with abundant vegetation. Therefore, it is alleged "sea of trees" and "sea of peaks". In bounce or summer or a bright day anon afterwards a rain in autumn, the clouds are surging and rolling like waves, accoutrement the accomplished sky and earth. The appearance is so arresting that it is alleged "sea of clouds". The aggregate of the three seas is the appropriate of West Sea. In it, Gate to Heaven and Sky Terrace are admirable scenes.Shentang Basin is other named Shentang Fort. It is a gorge shaped like a huge basin belted by aerial precipices.

Tianzi Mountain - beautiful scene is seen from the most perilous pea

The bottom of the gorge is buried in mists and clouds all day, abacus to its mysteriousness. As the adage goes, the best admirable arena is apparent from the best perilous peak. There are about no anchorage to Shentang Valley, alone an absolutely alarming flight of stairs that is as advanced as a bottom actuality available. Bounded peoples say, “Every step kills one soul". In the centermost of the basal lies a bottomless blooming pond. Looking bottomward the pond from the aperture of the gorge, one can't advice shivering. What's appropriate is that visitors can apprehend sounds of gongs and drums, neighs of action steeds and shouts of men alveolate from the bottom. Nobody can give a reasonable sensible to this mystery. Therefore, Shentang Basin was a banned place in Wulingyuan and a mystery for hundreds of years.

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